Payments and Policies

Payment is expected at the time of treatment. You may pay in cash, personal checks, and credit cards. We also accept all major insurance carriers. 

For your convenience we have detailed information on how your insurance policy may cover the cost of our services.  To learn more about acupuncture and your insurance policy please call us or your provider: 

  • United Health Care (Florida) - 866-633-2446
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida - 954-870-4008
  • Cigna:
    - If you get your insurance through your employer, call 1.800.Cigna24 or 1.800.244.6224
    - If you bought your insurance directly from Cigna or on the Exchange, call 1.866.494.2111 

Acupuncture Packages

Cash patients can save big by purchasing an acupuncture package. Acupuncture packages allow you the option of receiving large discounts for pre-paying your treatments. No matter what your financial situation is, we can create a suitable package to meet your needs. Your health is our top priority! Let our affordable acupuncture packages get you on the road to better health today.